In Transit first call for proposals with 1.5M€ to support sustainable projects in improved processes, products and new circular business models by European innovative SMEs closed last 13th March 2024.

144 applications have been received with 197 SMEs registered. Those selected will be informed in April, to start the projects in June 2024. The second call will open in November 2024.

Spain is the first country with the highest number of participant companies, accounting for 42% of the total proposals. Spain, with 62 SMEs, is the first in the ranking of the 22 participating countries, preceded by Portugal (24), Italy (23), Ireland (14), Germany (13), and Greece (12).

Of the 144 proposals, 37% come from the textile sector, 35% from the aerospace sector, 17% from the construction sector, and 11 from the advanced manufacturing sector.

The In Transit consortium will evaluate the proposals and select the best projects to be funded. The evaluation will be carried out between March and early April and the final ranking list will be confirmed in late April. It is expected that 30 beneficiaries will be selected.

In Transit first call for proposals has a funding instrument in form of a lump-sum voucher, that is addressed to SMEs that plan to develop sustainable solutions, as processes or products, due to the implementation of new circular business models. In Transit aims to select 30 SMEs who will receive a lump-sum support up to €98k€ per consortia, with a maximum of €49k per SME, or €49k if they have applied individually.