What are In Transit Ambassadors?

The mission of In Transit ambassadors is to increase the overall project outreach with multiplier effects to engage the different stakeholders and foster the cross-border and cross-sectoral level.

An In Transit ambassador serves as a goodwill communication officer to represent our partnership in outside networks to increase awareness.

Ambassador participation will include activities such as:

  • Facilitate participation & be involved in In Transit activities
  • Attend events and ceremonies proposed by the project’s board
  • Active dissemination of the project
  • Active recruting, welcoming new members and strenghtening the link to existing members

As a valued ambassador, your organisation may have access to exclusive networking and partnership opportunities and enhance its brand visibility and exposure to have access to a highly engaged audience.

Enrollment & membership

Ambassadors’ applications will be reviewed and approved by the In Transit Management Board.

To maintain an active membership, members must meet the commitment or expectations of the position, participating in the designated proposed activities for the project.

Ambassador participation is not for individuals or companies, but for entities that can not be beneficiaries of In Transit project (clusters, Public Administration…). 


Time commitment

Participation in the Ambassador Committee is at will and requires a commitment of the Ambassador to actively communicate the project in good faith and/or participate in In Transit events. Additionally, the applicant for the Ambassador position must have the support and commitment of their business or organization.

The In Transit Ambassador positions has no remuneration and is completely based on volunteering commitment.


Want to become an ambassador?