The Project


In Transit aims to strengthen the resilience of textile, aerospace, advanced manufacturing and construction SMEs towards greener and more digital sectors with social and business model, with a mixed support mechanism including individual assessment support and a lump sum and coaching to ensure their consolidation and sustainability.

In Transit project has a total budget of 5M€ from which 3M€ will be distributed using cascade funding to SMEs and will use 1M€ to provide services to SMEs to thrive their digital and green transition over a period of 36 months.

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In Transit project aims to support the main objectives of the European Green Deal and EU SME Strategy.

It aims to boost competitiveness in EU regions, providing SMEs with support from incubation to scale-up of cross-sectoral solutions, focusing on circularity, digitalisation, and sustainability.

The project will facilitate set of activities prior to each call for proposals to facilitate generation of project ideas such as workshops, matchmakings and webinars, as well as learning expeditions and customised advisory services based on coaching sessions.

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