In Transit, which aims to strengthen the resilience of textile, aerospace, construction, and advanced manufacturing SMEs across the EU, launches the second Innovate Call. The call is addressed to the European SMEs that plan to analyse and explore sustainable solutions, as processes or products, due to the implementation of new circular business models.

The development of innovative and sustainable processes, products and new circular business models is essential to increase the competitiveness of textile, aerospace, advanced manufacturing, and construction industries. In Transit project underlines the need to find new business models and circular economy opportunities in cross-sectoral fields to gain resilience and global strength.

Taking this into account, In Transit launches their 2nd Open Call for SMEs Circular Transformation Scheme to INNOVATE to support and guide SMEs in the transition from conventional business models to innovative circular models, enhancing processes, and fostering the development of groundbreaking products.

With a commitment to fostering growth, the INNOVATE services are projected to benefit 50 SMEs, with a diverse array of advisory services available at both individual and group levels.

Services are addressing the evolving needs of SMEs, covering aspects such as digital maturity assessment, readiness level analysis, transindustry innovation, marketing strategy, sales strategy, digital marketing promotion, and robotics technology roadmap, among others. Moreover, Innovate customised advisory services delve into topics like sustainability, circular economy strategies, business model elaboration, digital innovation hubs, business planning, financial essentials, and the concept of Industry 5.0.

Deadline for applications: June 4th, 2024, at 17h CEST

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